Carey Mulligan, I like your style.

No doubt, I’ve been emulating Carey Mulligan’s hairstyle for almost 2 years now. I really admire this young actress on screen (I think she’s super talented) and I think she’s the most gorgeous gal out in the UK/US celebrity world.

I need to get my hair touched up in Korea before going back to America (they know how to work with my Asian hair better than stylists in Canada/US.) I still need to grow my hair out about an inch.










Family, friends, family friends.

Just started writing a lovely long post, then my iPad Decided to shut down my WordPress app. Great. Thanks. Awesome.

Anyhow, I will definitely not be re-writing all of that, so I will just do a mini post, plus pictures!

(I just went on long spaz about how much I have grown to dislike the lifestyle and culture of Seoul. It is probably not something that is easy to clearly and succinctly explain in writing, but the feeling is there. I have grown to realize how alone and uncomfortable I feel here, and to top it off, I feel totally alone. I wish I could click my heel three times and, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

Can’t wait for a new start and fresh beginning when I move down to Manhattan next month.



iPad vs. Blog. Figuring it out.

So, I downloaded the app. Figured out how to create a new blog post. Figured out how to upload photos from iPhoto. Can’t change font. Can’t format each post.

I’ll learn this thing one step at a time. Luckily, tomorrow is Sunday, which means I can sit on my bony bum all day and play around with this thing.

For now I’ll go ahead and do the only thing I seem to know how to do: post photos!



When I fly back to Vancouver in about a week, I will no longer be driven to my West Vancouver mountain-top home. I will be going straight to Beach Crescent. Hi new condo!

There’s always a first.

Moved to downtown Vancouver (Yaletown!), moving to Manhattan in a month, and moved my blog to WordPress.

I’m hoping this one works out. Follow me on my blog, where I’ll be posting photos, updates, etc. I can’t decide if I love or hate social media.